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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Decide where you would to like to visit. Your purpose to get the visitor visa in the destination country should be according to the allowed activities. There are few countries that do not ask for visitor visa requirements for their citizens if they are eligible under the visa waiver program.

Visitor Visa is a non-immigrant visa for clients who want to stay in the desired country for a short while for tourism, medical treatment, business or pleasure.

Who is qualified for visitor visa

If you want to visit a country for a few days or weeks for meeting friends, family, tour, leisure or business, Visitor Visa is a recommended option. Our counsellor will determine your eligibility by evaluating your qualification criteria to issue the Visitor visa:

  • 1. The purpose to enter the desired country is for leisure, business or medical treatment

  • 2. The applicant has planned to stay in the target country for a limited duration

  • 3. Proof of expenses to cover accommodation

  • 3. Proof of social and economic connections

Visitor visa requirements are different for different countries, meanwhile applicant’s nationality is also considered. In few countries, the visitor visa is granted before travel whilst in others, it is issued upon arrival. Your visitor visa will be issued if your purpose is reasonable and the documentation is complete and accurate. Our counsellors help increase the chances of getting your visa authorized to visit the desired country and make the process the easiest.

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