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Why study in France ?

It is a very old French tradition to welcome foreign students. Since the Middle Ages, and the birth of La Sorbonne, the first French University, more than 800 years ago, students from all over Europe come to France to study, especially theology, medicine and law.

This remarkable European University has been sustained thanks to the circulation of high intellectual-lecturers. Today, more than ever, there is no such thing as a high standard university without an international dimension. We can say now that French institutions of higher education have definitely entered this new world.

In 1998, the French government introduced a vigorous support policy to welcome foreign students into French educational institutions.

This policy was introduced and followed through by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and is made up of the four following components:

to modify the policy of visas award, to contribute to its simplification and to give priority to the welcome of students. Two exceptional measures have been passed: the refusals of motivation and the right to appeal

the creation of the Edufrance Agency, especially present in education fairs, to promote French higher education in foreign countries. It is advisable for all students who wish to study in France to visit its web site www.edufrance.fr.

a new structured programmeme of French Government grants making them more attractive to foreign students and also to make these grants match with the internationalisation of the French institutions of higher education.

The quality of life is what makes France so attractive to foreigners. The diversity of our land-scapes, traditions, heritage, culture.... gastronomy.

Name of The Universities

1. Esigelec-School of Engineering
2. Reims Management School
3. Rouen Business School
4. Burgundy school of business
5. Champagne school of management
6. Clermont graduate school of Management
7. EM Strasbourg business school
8. ESC Grenoble
9. La Rochelle business school
10. Negocia Paris
11. Normandy business school
12. Passerelle world (13 Grande ecoles)
And Many More...

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