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Agent Assistance

Agent Assistance

Agents and sub agents can avail of our expertise and knowledge in lodging all categories of applications for a mere processing fee.

For student applications we are able to procure offer letters from various colleges/universities/private institutes of repute. We can also provide assistance in overturning previous declines to approvals. We provide regular training to the staff of our agents to ensure seamless conversion of would be students to successful ones.Our assistance covers the following aspects:

1. Visa Processing
2. Process and guidelines followed.
3. Prerequisites
4. Identify the issues.
5. Easier to get a positive response
6. Application to facilitate admission as well as visa
7. Responding to Letters of Concern / Refusal Letters
8. Taking on previously declined case
9. Assistance in interview preparation for all kind of visas
10. Accompanying the client for his/her interview with Immigration

With our experience, we get a previously declined application approved when it is lodged the second time taking into account new information and a new format / structure of the application.

Services Provided to Institutes

1. Marketing / Business Development

We are also proactively involved in the marketing of our favored institutes. This not only increases the number of students enrolled in each semester but also enhances the quality of students. The marketing staff of the institute has one point of contact in India to refer to.

2. Course Promotion and Information

From time to time we hold seminars and events to promote Education Abroad along with our trusted agents and sub agents wherein the latest information regarding our favored institutes and colleges is given first hand to the students. We also have one on one session with the prospective students who are hence easily converted into successful students.

3. Student Recruitment

With the assistance of these seminars and events we are able to connect to not only the metropolitan cities but also with the two and three tier cities. These are untapped markets from where we are able to get a large number of students.

4. Visa Assistance

We also provide assistance with all the other category of visas be it visitor, work, residence, investor category etc.

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